Rana Info Service
India / (West Bengal)
Mobile No : +91-9332004612, +91-9547240095
Email at : helplineris@gmail.com
The member must be 18 years or above.
This registration will be valid for six (6) months from the date of registration.
After registration we will provide you User Name, Password to your E-mail address within 24 hours. You will get your working material after login the member area of our Website.
The member shall have no right to change the password to the working a/c which is provided by Head Office.
The member must have to do the minimum target of three hundred (300) correct Ad posting (for any plan ) each and every month in order get paid.
That if the member fails to do fulfill the minimum target of 300 numbers of (three hundred) correct Ad posting in a month then they won’t be paid for that month.
The member will provide one hundred links for fulfillment of the minimum target.
That the member shall have no right to post the Ad in any Cgi, Blogs, Forum, Sub-Domain or any nude/adult web sites and if it is found that the member post/publish the Ad in as aforesaid sites then the posting/publish will be cancelled. The head office will accept only free classified sites from the members.
That the member publishes the Ad matter must contain India Country options or other option.
The Ad will not accept below 30 days validity.
That the member will provide the details of report page after proper verification and/or check the report of members on opening of the page if the Ad matter will show then the report will be countable otherwise not.
That if the member do the repeat posting/publishing in same site in the same month more than one then publish will be cancelled and we will deduct Rs. 500/- from your total monthly income as penalty.
That the member can work in a single time with single computer. If they work more than one with single registration, the registration will be cancelled.
That if the member post/publish Ad for any illegal process (like, use software) then its registration will be automatically cancelled.
That every member should submit his monthly report within 30 days from the date of his registration.
After registration, money is not refundable either candidates works or not.
Payment will be made within 10 days from the date of submitting the correct report of the member.
The payment will be made via fund transfer or a/c payee cheque.
The terms & Condition are same for all candidates. The decision of the Administrator is the Last & Final decision, No Candidate have the right to change the "Terms & Condition" of the Company.